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Horse Boarding

Board your horse with us. Come visit our beautiful facility today. We offer full care for all of your needs. Learn more about our boarding services today!

On Site

Horse Boarding

Michigan's meandering horse-trails offer an unforgettable experience, but the cold winters and hungry predators may put a damper on things.

For those looking to ensure their equine companions stay safe year-round – consider stall boarding or pasture boarding!

At Faith Family Farm, we invite you to enjoy a peaceful experience with your horse! Our barn is well-maintained for reliable and affordable boarding packages. You can even spend quality time grooming or riding in the arena without worrying about overcrowding – plus our horses are always cool from plenty of shade during those hot summer days.

Whether you have an established farrier/veterinarian already or need help finding one, Faith Family Farm has it all covered!

Amenities You'll Get

Stall Boarding $600

Pasture Boarding $500

Use the form on this page to get started. Send us your information and we’ll contact you back with availability options and any further questions we may have.


Please fill out the form completely. If you have any questions or would like to speak directly, call us at (989) 459-5678